SwimEQ Testimonials

Aloha Dinah!

Thank you so much for helping me swim with EQ! It has made all the
difference in my ocean water swim… Actually all the difference in my life!
I always dreamed of playing in the ocean and partaking of water sports, but
always felt limited and afraid… Just scared not to be able to touch the
bottom.. Terrified when the waves would splash in my face.  I live on an
island so this fear and anxiety were very constraining to my sense of
adventure. I never dreamed at 55 yrs old I could learn to swim and enjoy it so
effortlessly. Thank you for taking the time to allow me to experience life
to the fullest. The simple and effective techniques for EQ work like magic
to keep me in a green zone. I sign up for ocean water races with no
hesitation now. I used to sign for triathlon relays and resign myself to the
fact that someone else would have to do the swim portion … Not anymore…I
even bought a one man kayak to enjoy my new hobby! .. I have a new lease on
life!  Thanks for your patience and kindness with me! Guess you are never to
old to learn to be a fishy..

Mahalo nui loa !

Kim K, Oahu HI


The EQ principles Dinah taught me made a difference immediately in my triathlon swims. Two elements stand out for me; enumerating all the things about the swim that are stressful (and admitting that I control how I react), and the green-yellow-red card exercise. Her advice was simple, and the green card was a tangible focal point. Having something simple to focus on kept me from worrying about the anxiety-provoking elements of the swim.

For the first time in six triathlon seasons, I had a 100% green race–and probably not coincidentally I set a new PR!  SwimEQ makes a difference!!

Liz W, Winston Salem NC


Thanks so much for all of your time and help yesterday, especially all of the discussion about EQ and how to deal with it. It really helped me to be at ease in the water a lot sooner than otherwise, and it allowed me to concentrate on mechanics without getting bogged down by the mental side. Believe me, I will be putting all of that to work next Sunday when I am surrounded by 300 amped-up people.

Your thoroughness as a coach is astounding, and I’ve never had a coach who covered all of the bases like you do. I am so far ahead of last year that it’s hard to imagine, and instead of fearing the swim next week, I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for everything!

Marshall E, Troutman NC


SwimEQ was introduced to me when I was preparing for my first open ocean swim. I had several big concerns about this swim – the cold water temperature, marine life, and dealing with currents. SwimEQ gave me tangible ways to engage my mind that helped both in preparation for the swim as well as during the race. The book led me through exercises that got me thinking of ways to respond to nervousness/stress in a very proactive way. Consequently, my calm mental state helped me to physically relax and allowed for a more efficient swim stroke. I had a wonderful first open ocean experience!

My daughter (9 y.o.) has also benefited from SwimEQ. When she was preparing for her first open water swim, Dinah led her through a few of the SwimEQ exercises. One of them was to compare pool swimming to open water swimming. They also made a plan for how to respond to nervousness during her swim. By doing this, there were fewer surprises and less stress on race day. She had a fantastic first experience and is looking forward to the next.

SwimEQ is a great tool that can raise awareness of our mind/body connection, useful both in and out of the water.

Jen R, Raleigh NC


The SwimEQ book cuts the superfluous and gets right to the heart of the benefits of EQ through practical application. EQ has the power to transform people into the swimmers they have dreamed about but in a short period of time. No more endless laps of frustration and disappointment.

Cheryl T, Ontario CA