2014 Holiday Gift Ideas for Swimmers

Do you find yourself suffering from holiday gifters block? No worries, I got you covered. Sit back, relax and get inspired by these ideas that may just get you on the gift giving podium.

1. Wetsuit Care Kit
Maintenance is not just for bikes. Give your neoprene some love over the holidays and you’ll be ready to roll in the spring.
wetsuit care kit


2. Way to Display
Show off your well deserved bling with this handmade in the USA medal rack. (I would like one of these please!)
medal rack


3. Mantra Cap
Greet the sun, test the water, dive in, feed your body, nourish your soul, embrace laughter, live fully, repeat.
Love this sentiment. Wear it, live it.


4. H2Open Magazine Subscription
Enjoy catching up on all things open water. It’s great, global and bi-monthly!


5. Travel Mug
Veni. Natavi. Vici.
I came. I swam. I conquered.
A reminder of any epic swim with every mornings cuppa.


6. Safer Swimmer Buoy
Be seen…..and so much more. It’s a beacon, it’s a dry bag, it’s a buoy. Nuff said. Bonus 10% discount with code ‘coachdinah’


7. The best bags ever!
Handmade by my dear friend, and designed with the person who enjoys getting wet in mind. These waterproof lined beauties will house your wet suit or your wetsuit! A little outer pocket for goggles, cap, chip strap, lube or what have you, means no more scrambling around on training day or race day. Love!
suit bag

wetsuit bag


8. Wet Brush Wonder
Post swim hair tangles? Knot a problem, this bad boy gets through anything.
wet brush


9. Blue Mind by Wallace Nichols
Water science meets neuroscience in this interesting read on the relationship between water and how we think and behave.
blue mind


10. Waterproof Note Books
Need to pop a love letter in your swimmers bag? Get inspired when you swim and need to record some notes? Or perhaps just use it to jot down your practice sets, love this practical paper.
rite in rain


11. Tasty Treats
Love these little guys, just the right size and just the right deliciousness for pre or post swim snack.


12. My personal fave
Choose number 6 or 7 and fill it with numbers 1,3,4,5,8,9,10 and 11! Bam!

Happy shopping y’all!

Coach Dinah